13 of Trump’s Properties the NY AG Could Go After If He Doesn’t Pay

  • A March 25 deadline looms for Trump to pay his NY fraud judgment, now totaling more than $457M. 
  • NY Attorney General Letitia James can seek the sale of Trump properties if he fails to pay. 
  • Take a look at Trump’s extensive real estate portfolio across Manhattan and Westchester County. 

In February, a Manhattan judge issued a $454 million judgment against Donald Trump — the civil penalty for a decade of fraudulent financial filings. The debt keeps growing, rising by $1 million in additional interest every nine days.

By March 25, Trump must pay New York what he owes, show he’s secured an appeal bond, or declare bankruptcy. If he fails to do any of these three things, Trump’s cash can be seized, and county sheriff’s departments can auction off his real-estate stakes and physical properties, beginning with those in New York state.

Here are the properties Trump could lose in a sheriff’s sale.

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