2024 is a choice between Trump’s strength and Biden’s weakness

Op-ed by Summer Lane | Photo: Alamy

On Thursday night, Joe Biden held a short press conference from the White House, where he attempted to do damage control after a damning report from Special Counsel Robert Hur described a litany of cognitive limitations ascribed to the 81-year-old man.

This week, Hur announced that the Department of Justice would not seek prosecution against Biden in the classified documents investigation, which hardly surprised conservative critics. President Trump derided the double standard of justice, especially since he is facing multiple charges in a classified documents case right now.

Trump wrote in an official statement, “What Biden did is outrageously criminal – He had 50 years of documents, 50 times more than I had, and ‘WILLFULLY RETAINED’ them. I was covered by the Presidential Records Act, Secret Service was always around, and GSA delivered the documents.”

However, duplicitous Biden’s escape from prosecution may be, other details in the special counsel’s report offered chilling insight into his alleged mental state.

Among them were observations that Biden’s memory “appeared to have significant limitations” and that he could not remember when his son, Beau, died, nor could he remember when he served as vice president.

During the late-evening and unscheduled White House presser, Biden became visibly angry and raised his voice to reporters in the room. He did not provide evidence that he could recall the date of his son’s death. He simply railed against Hur, stating, “How in the hell dare he raise that?”

If the press conference was meant to reassure Americans that his mental state was safe and sound, it failed.

A scorching New York Post headline on Friday morning was emblazoned with a quote from the Hur report: “‘ELDERLY MAN WITH A POOR MEMORY.’”

After nearly three years of escalating falls, verbal gaffes, confusion, and non-sensical statements made to the press, it appears as if Joe Biden’s time in the Oval Office is dissolving before the public’s eyes.

What’s more, it’s a startling contrast against his political opponent, President Donald Trump, whose stamina and leadership abilities have drawn the praise of world leaders like Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

As Biden is coddled and hidden from the public view for the majority of his administration, Trump is crisscrossing the country on Trump Force One, duking it out in battleground states, giving multiple speeches per week, and simultaneously facing the wrath of multiple legal suits in blue-state venues.

Joe Biden represents to the United States – and to the world – unmitigated, freefalling weakness. Other global leaders have recognized this, and that is why violence, war, and bloodshed has increased a hundredfold in the wake of Trump’s peaceful, solid administrative leadership.

Trump’s platform of leadership is built on greatness and peace through strength – it’s based on executive leadership skills born from decades of managing a rough real estate empire and striking impossible deals.

When it comes to leading the nation, critics have it wrong – it’s not about the age of the man who is in leadership. It’s about competency, skillsets, and wisdom. Biden’s Thursday press conference was simply a reiteration of what most Americans already know: he’s too weak and he seems far too confused to sit in the White House, let alone attempt to lead from it.

While some naysayers may crow that the nation doesn’t want a rematch of Joe Biden versus Donald Trump in November 2024, the national polls indicate that Trump is more popular than ever as Joe Biden appears to be going down with a sinking ship.

Trump versus Biden in 2024 is a choice between strength versus weakness, leadership versus fecklessness, and peace versus a looming world war.

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