3 Nazi left trends the media should CONDEMN instead of Trump

While the mainstream media continues to paint former President Donald Trump as Hitler 2.0, It’s also spewing Hamas talking points in the name of exposing Israeli “oppression.”

Most recently, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace claimed that Trump has an “affinity for Hitler.”

“Jared Kushner should be alerted immediately,” Stu Burguiere jokes.

Pat Gray notes that the terrorist group being supported by a large portion of the left — Hamas — was just found to have copies of Mein Kampf at its terrorist headquarters, and they were all highlighted.

If that wasn’t enough, Hitler was also a huge fan of eugenics — which it seems is now being implemented in Britain.

Britain’s High Court essentially passed down a death sentence to an 8-month-old baby girl who had a rare disease. It refused to give her further treatment, so her parents tried to take her to Italy for treatment.

Britain’s High Court said no.

“I mean everything they’re doing, Hitler did,” Glenn Beck says, noting that global progressives also seem to love public-private partnerships, just like Hitler did.

“Outside the killing all the Jews thing, there’s a lot of similarities here between the modern left and the fascists of that day,” Stu says, adding. “You keep saying, like, ‘Oh I can’t believe Trump, he’s just like Hitler.’ Well, Why is that even an insult from you? You seem to like almost all of his policies.”

Meanwhile, conservatives have consistently been on the side of choosing life.

“We’re America, we choose life,” Glenn says, referencing abortion. “But look at every single thing that is being pushed is death.”

“The left is a death cult,” Gray agrees.

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