America is a Christian nation, and Trump will defend our rights

Op-ed by David Crum | Photo: Alamy

Although the United States is a melting pot of different cultures, traditions, and religions, the nation has a deep-rooted connection to Protestant Christianity.

From recognizing the history of the Pilgrims and Puritans to being home to several great Christian revivals, the footprint of Christianity is all across this land. Perhaps unknown to some people, Harvard, Yale, and Princeton were all founded by Christians and served as elite divinity schools.

Several of the nation’s past leaders, including President Dwight D. Eisenhower and General Douglas MacArthur, regularly acknowledged Jesus Christ and the core principles of the Christian faith. President Donald Trump is also a primary example of embracing the nation’s historic relationship with Christianity.

Trump’s opposition will criticize every move he makes and label Trump voters as hypocrites, especially those of the Christian religion. However, the liberal media inarguably does not understand Christianity or its values. Christians desire freedom and seek to live in peace without government control or interference.

Trump will protect Christian rights and ensure Christianity remains intertwined with the nation’s principles.

Regarding education, Trump encouraged and embraced the Christian community, respecting their right to homeschool. He also promoted private education and school choice. The Democrat Party seems to cling to the idea of more government control within education, not less. Anyone familiar with socialism sees a troubling correlation between most Democrats and their stance on education. It is no coincidence that homeschooling is becoming more popular as a radical left agenda is being pushed on children.

Christians share Trump’s law and order mentality. What right-minded person doesn’t seek to live in a safe and civilized society? Trump strongly supports the law enforcement community and the thin blue line. The nation is in chaos as violence is plaguing Americans and their communities across this land. People are longing for safety and protection within their own borders.

Make no mistake, Trump will also secure the border. His record speaks for itself. Thousands of illegal immigrants are crossing the border, bringing with them drugs and unaccompanied minors, several of whom are victims of sex trafficking. While Christians have sympathy for people fleeing persecution or violence, the truth remains that the Bible firmly teaches that governments have laws dictated by God. The open-border policy embraced by the Biden administration is putting Americans at risk.

Most dear to a Christian’s heart is the right to life. Trump proudly attended the March for Life rally, echoing his support for the movement. Who will speak up and defend humanity’s existence in such a secular environment? Christians have long advocated for life and freedom, playing vital roles in the American Revolution and abolitionist movement. Abortion kills millions of children, disregarding the teaching that mankind is not only valuable but created in God’s image. Let Americans remember Ronald Reagan’s words, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” [1] Trump can continue to be the voice to confront such radical abortive practices.

Most Christians rejoiced when Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Trump unapologetically supports Israel, recognizing their democracy and importance as one of America’s leading allies. Another concerning issue is the growing anti-Israel movement, which has led to violent attacks on Jews and the burning of the American flag. Patriots are tired of seeing the flag burned and disrespected by the growing socialist movement.

Indisputably, Trump proudly affirms the concept of freedom. Whether it be the right to bear arms or freedom of speech, he resembles the old patriots, happy to declare and embrace liberty. Here, too, Christians support Trump and echo his sentiments.

As troubling as today is, Christians must maintain hope and pray. Trump will protect Christians and provide them with the security they desperately long for. The MAGA movement proudly welcomes believers, and Trump himself mirrors the patriotism of the past. He never shies away from the nation’s historical connection to the Christian faith.

The slogan, Make America Great Again, can undoubtedly connect and imply tenets of the old nation and its connection to Christianity. If America is to continue in its legacy as a strong, patriotic, Christian nation, the people must unite for Trump.

[1] Alliance Defending Freedom, “Help Protect Life,” December 2, 2013,

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