Americans KNOW Trump will win the Republican nomination

Analysis by Summer Lane | Photo: Alamy

The American people know who is best positioned to win the 2024 Republican Party’s presidential primary nomination: Donald J. Trump.

Unprecedented political and legal persecution has given the 45th president equally as much unprecedented momentum in the polls, driving his support higher than ever among Republicans across the board.

According to a new survey from YouGov, 64 percent of Americans recognize that President Donald Trump is likely to be the Republican Party’s nominee this summer. The survey was conducted among 4,457 U.S. adults.

12 percent of those surveyed indicated that they thought Nikki Haley would win the nomination, while another 18 percent were “Not sure.”

The YouGov poll seems to reflect what the national and state polls are foreshadowing in the primary election, especially on the heels of President Trump’s knockout primary wins in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Trump was also the first GOP candidate in 48 years to win both the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary back-to-back as a non-incumbent.

In the nationwide GOP primary, Morning Consult’s most recent data tracking the race found that Trump had accrued 81 percent of GOP primary voters’ support, amounting to a 63-point lead over Nikki Haley, who stalled at 18 percent.

The president’s numbers reflect the support that a GOP incumbent president would usually receive. His poll numbers make it clear that Republican voters strongly consider Trump their party leader.

The 45th president is poised to sweep the Nevada caucus on Feb. 8 and then move on to what is likely to be another Trump knockout win in South Carolina.

According to the Tyson Group, Trump has a 27-point lead over the state’s former governor and GOP candidate Nikki Haley. However, Fabrizio, Lee & Associates has found that the president has a solid 40-point lead over Haley in South Carolina.

These favorable winds for the president’s campaign are also reflected in general election polling and betting data, hinting at a potential Trump landslide in November 2024.

According to Polymarket, Trump has a 16-point advantage over Joe Biden in the general election.

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