Asa Hutchinson says he won’t endorse Trump

Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who launched a GOP presidential primary bid last year but then dropped out earlier this year on the heels of a dismal performance in the Iowa Republican presidential caucus, has declared that he will not endorse former President Donald Trump. Hutchinson earned less than 200 votes in the Iowa GOP presidential caucus.

Trump and President Joe Biden have each become the presumptive presidential nominee of their respective parties.

“With Donald Trump’s domination of the GOP primaries and the elimination of all primary opponents, including myself, the party leadership and Republican elected officials are clicking their heels in obedience to the victor and presumptive nominee. I have not endorsed Donald Trump for president, and I will not do so,” Hutchinson wrote in an opinion piece that bears the title “I ran for president as a Republican in 2024. I won’t vote for Trump (or Biden).”

“This is a costly and difficult position to take because I was instrumental in building the GOP in Arkansas, having served as state party chair during the Clinton years, and I have been elected to Congress and as governor on the Republican ticket.”

“I am a Republican who won’t be supporting our presumptive nominee,” he noted.

But Hutchinson also indicated that he will not vote for Biden.

“Another important point to make is that I also will not vote for President Joe Biden. Biden’s weak border policies, his poor economic record and his slow growth energy policy do not justify reelection,” he wrote.

Former Vice President Mike Pence, who served alongside Trump from early 2017 until early 2021, has said the he will not endorse Trump in 2024 and that he will not vote for Biden.

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