Bill O’Reilly slams media corporations, saying they ‘blackballed’ those who didn’t hate Trump

Well known journalist and commentator Bill O’Reilly slammed media corporations on Tuesday, saying they “blackballed” people who didn’t hate former President Donald Trump from coming on their TV programs. 

“Since Donald Trump came on the scene … in 2016, since he got into politics, the people who run the media corporations have blackballed every single person from appearing on their news programs who doesn’t hate Donald Trump,” O’Reilly said on the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show. 

He also slammed the industry and said there was no accountability when it came to journalists violating standards, unlike when he started working. 

“Back then, there were rules and regulations,” he explained. “There were standards that journalists had to adhere to, kind of like being a dentist. You had to do certain things, or you got the boot. If you’re a lawyer and you do something untoward, the bar takes you out. If you’re a doctor, you can get your license suspended. If you’re a journalist, you can pretty much do whatever you want. There’s nobody that’s gonna hold you accountable.”

The mainstream media has lately been criticized by conservatives for being biased and peddling an agenda. 

“The big corporations have taken over the television news industry and to some extent the newspapers. And they have driven the journalistic newsrooms into the ideological area.”

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