Glenn reacts as New York court hands Trump a HUGE victory over $454 million bond

While it seems that the unprecedented attack on Donald Trump won’t stop until he’s behind bars, the former president isn’t going down without a fight.

In a huge victory on Monday, Trump won an appeal in his fraud case to have his bond reduced — which is now set at $175 million instead of $464 million. Not only has the bond been reduced by over 60%, the court has given him 10 more days to post it.

While it’s a massive win, Glenn Beck believes it’s still “completely excessive and ridiculous” and notes that there has never been an attack on a former or sitting president like this.

“You go through the ways this rule has been used historically, and there are no parallels at all to what has happened with Donald Trump,” Stu Burguiere agrees, adding, “it is quite clearly and quite obviously a political persecution, whether you like Trump or not.”

While the battle against Trump feels never-ending, Stu believes that the farther Trump can push this, the more likely his chance is to fight this off and win.

“I think he’s very likely to win in an appeal or at least have this reduced to maybe a dollar fine or $10,000 fine,” he says, noting that a fine that size would be “somewhat aligned with reality.”

Despite the win, the case is still “ridiculous” as Glenn pointed out. Its mere existence, along with other recent injustices, will signal a deeper distrust in the justice system for Americans everywhere — unless the courts can change course.

“Injustice is being served on so many Americans. From the FBI to the Justice Department to the court system in Donald Trump’s case,” Glenn says, adding, “it does give you a view on how important justice is — the kind of justice that many of us have taken for granted our whole lives.”

“We really are on the precipice of disaster,” Stu says. However, he hasn’t given up hope.

“It might need to go all the way to the Supreme Court,” he says, adding that when cases go that far, “it does seem to play out the right way a lot of times.”

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