Letitia James Prosecuted For Grossly Overvaluing Trump’s Fine

NEW YORK, NY — A Governor-appointed special counsel is prosecuting Attorney General Letitia James for fraudulently overestimating the amount of the fine in Trump’s fraud case.

“All this time, we thought the fine would be $454 million, and it turned out to be only $175 million. That’s off by at least a million,” said New York Governor Kathy Hochul. “We thought we would bankrupt Trump’s campaign, but now it looks like we won’t be able to. I have appointed a special counsel to hold Letitia James accountable for this dereliction of duty.”

James says she did her best to estimate the proper amount for the fine, and ultimately went with $454 million, as a family friend told her that was a big number. In a statement to the press, James asked: “I chose a big number to show how much I hate Trump and how bad he is. I hate him very much, and he is so bad. So, did we get Trump yet? Law and order!”

At publishing time, the charges had been dropped after an appeals judge reinstated Trump’s original $454 million fine to show everyone how bad Trump is.

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