Levin: MAGA, Reagan and Trump’s similar rise to presidency

Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan have more in common than you might think.

According to Mark Levin, Reagan was the “greatest vote-getter in Republican history” despite coordinated attacks on his candidacy.

“The same propaganda or wrong analysis or intentional effort to undermine Trump was used against Reagan,” he explains.

While Reagan and Trump have incredibly different personalities, their roads to the White House were both unlikely and quite similar.

In a 2016 article from New York Magazine, Frank Rich writes, “Reagan and Trump’s opposing styles belie their similarities of substance. Both have marketed the same brand of outrage to the same angry segments of the electorate.”

Levin disagrees with Rich’s “cheap shots,” but agrees with the overall idea.

“The same jeering press attracted some of the same battlefront allies (Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Phyllis Schlafly), offended the same elites (including two generations of Bushes), outmaneuvered similar political adversaries, and espoused the same conservative populism,” Rich continued.

And Levin believes Trump can do it again.

“He already served for four years. We the American people are quite familiar with him, and we are quite familiar with the people who are trying to undermine him,” Levin says.

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