NATO is ‘All for one, and one for all!’ says Poland’s Tusk after Trump’s attack – POLITICO

Neither Tusk nor Macron made specific reference to the comments from the Republican presidential front-runner, but both argued for solidarity in their statements to the press.

“Europe must become a secure continent, and France and Poland must become strong, and ready to defend its borders and its territory. And they must be ready to defend their allies outside the EU,” the Polish prime minister added, in a clear reference to Ukraine, as fears grow that U.S. Republicans will turn their backs on Kyiv.

European leaders and officials have been reacting with disbelief to Trump’s comments, with some saying it was “reckless” and others that it “undermines Europe’s security”.

The French president, who sparked controversy when he said that NATO was experiencing “brain-death” in 2019 when Trump was in power, argued Europe should focus on becoming “a security power” that is “complementary” to NATO and a “European pillar of the Atlantic alliance.”

“We need to start with our operational and industrial cooperation,” he said.

Macron has long argued that Europe should invest more in its own security, drawing criticism at times from allies who see him as pushing France’s own military industry, while contributing very little in terms of arms to fighting the Russians in Ukraine.

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