New Haley ad blasts Trump as ‘just more chaos’

“A 10 percent across-the-board tax increase. More record-breaking debt. A Russian victory that will bring more war. With a world on fire and a crisis at home, with Trump it’s just more chaos,” the narrator says.

Haley’s ad comes as her presidential campaign continues to struggle,
losing in the Nevada Republican primary
to the “none of these candidates” designation last week. In an increasingly longshot campaign, the former U.N. ambassador
has taken repeated
, pointed shots at her former boss, criticizing his mental fitness, legal issues and remarks about foreign policy.

In South Carolina, 75 percent of surveyed GOP voters said it makes no difference that Haley is from the state — where she served as governor — as they head to the polls, according to a
CBS News poll released Monday
. Sixty-five percent of respondents also said they would vote for Trump.

The video also follows Trump’s
controversial comments
over the weekend at a campaign rally. He said that, while in office, he told NATO leaders that he would “encourage” Russia to do “whatever the hell they want” to alliance members that don’t meet the group’s spending targets.

lambasted Trump for the remarks
, saying “it’s the kind of comment that makes Joe Biden look clear-headed.”

His comment “should send a chill up everyone’s spine,” Haley said, adding it is “lacking moral clarity.”

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