New York’s $355 million Trump charge just got more insane

New York’s $355 million civil fraud charge against former President Donald Trump just got worse — and the charge itself was already unprecedented.

When all is said and done, the lawsuit will end up costing Trump over $400 million.

The judge who ordered the ruling has just denied a request from Trump’s lawyers to delay formalizing his decision.

In an email to Trump’s legal team, Judge Arthur Engoron of the New York State Supreme Court wrote, “You have failed to explain, much less justify, any basis for a stay.”

“I am confident that the Appellate Division will protect your appellate rights,” he added.

Glenn Beck believes Trump is going to have to sell real estate in order to pay.

“This is so much money that he’s going to have to put up probably real estate and sell some real estate to be able to pay for this,” he says.

“You have to put that money into a bond, and then you have a bond holder holding it for you, and you have to pay them an additional fee, and then, hopefully, you win the appeal and eventually don’t have to pay it, but I mean, it’ll still cost you about 50 million,” Glenn adds.

Both Glenn and Stu Burguiere are under the impression that this is 100% a case of political persecution, and it can be proven.

“It’s actually provable,” Stu says, adding, “He’s running for the president of the United States, they’re trying to put him out of business, throw him in prison, take him off the ballots. I mean, it’s so blatantly obvious just on a surface.”

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