THIS website lets you compare grocery prices Trump vs. Biden

These days, most are familiar with grocery store dread — the feeling of angst when you’re watching your total creep higher and higher until it’s at an impossibly steep number, even though you only came for a handful of items.

Thanks, Bidenomics.

But just how bad is it?

“The official, super PAC-supporting former President Donald Trump launched a new website allowing users to compare Trump-era grocery prices to the current high prices experienced by consumers during the Biden presidency,” says Pat Gray. “includes over two dozen common grocery items for the user to check off to see what the cost of their total grocery bill would be.”

One user’s total under Trump was $22.03, while the total under Biden was $36.48, which is a “65.59% increase.”

And yet, one Biden spokesperson had the audacity to claim that he compared “receipts on both ends” and found that “on every metric, Joe Biden comes out on top.”

“That’s just mind-numbingly ridiculous,” laughs Pat.

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