Trump attorneys request meeting with Attorney General Merrick Garland on special counsel’s investigation


Donald Trump’s attorneys are requesting a meeting with Attorney General Merrick Garland regarding the investigation by the special counsel’s office.

In a letter sent to Garland Tuesday, the former president’s attorneys, John Rowley and James Trusty, wrote, “We request a meeting at your earliest convenience to discuss the ongoing injustice that is being perpetrated by your Special Counsel and his prosecutors.”

They claimed that “no President of the United States has ever, in the history of our country, been baselessly investigated in such an outrageous and unlawful fashion.”

Trump posted the letter on his social media platform Truth Social.

The Justice Department declined to comment to CNN on the letter.

As CNN previously reported, special counsel Jack Smith appears to be in the final stretch of investigations into Trump’s possible mishandling of classified documents and efforts to obstruct the 2020 election.

The recent flurry of activity by Smith’s team has included a spate of grand jury appearances and activity as recently Tuesday. On Wednesday, Smith is set to receive a batch of documents from the National Archives that show Trump and his top advisers had knowledge of the correct declassification process while he was president.

Trump’s former attorney Tim Parlatore told CNN over weekend that “at this point, they have kind of turned over every stone, interviewed every witness, and now they just have to write up the report to Merrick Garland to say this is all of the stuff we’ve done.”

It remains to be seen whether Smith has interviewed Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows, a potentially key witness, and it is unclear when Smith might release his findings in a final report to Garland or decides on any charges.

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