Trump boldly vows to bring ‘law and order, sanity, and justice’ back to the United States

President Trump vowed to bring back common sense and order in the United States in a prospective 2025 administration, driving home his point in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with a series of bold and fresh remarks to NRA members.

“The day I’m inaugurated is the day that LAW and ORDER, SANITY, and JUSTICE will return back to the United States of America,” he declared.

His comments were delivered at the NRA Presidential Forum at the Great American Outdoor Show on Friday evening.

Trump stated, “On day one, we will seal the border and stop the invasion of America – we’re being invaded just like it’s a military invasion.” He also postulated that the U.S. was losing around 350,000 people a year to drug problems like fentanyl poisoning.

President Trump further shared on Friday that he believed that as many as 19 million people will have illegally crossed over the U.S. border by the time Biden’s term in the White House is prospectively over in 2025.

“A vote for Trump is really a vote for common sense,” he told the crowd during his speech.

He also pointed out that a vote for Biden was a “vote for all of this communist lunacy that you see going on.”

President Trump also promised to protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners in America, vowing to double down on the Second Amendment and get to work on reversing Joe Biden’s destructive policies on “perhaps my FIRST DAY.”

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