Trump brings in massive crowds to Pennsylvania NRA event

President Donald Trump drew huge crowds to Pennsylvania on Friday evening in Harrisburg for the NRA Presidential Forum at the Great American Outdoor Show.

The president arrived in Pennsylvania on Friday on the heels of a rocking win in Nevada for the GOP caucus, where he captured nearly 100 percent of the caucus vote.

Upon arriving in Harrisburg, the president even stopped to greet the ground crew at the airport and signed signature red MAGA baseball caps.

The forum drew a huge crowd. RSBN’s live coverage offered a special look at the audience, which illustrated the amount of people packed into the room:

President Trump has spoken often at events for the NRA, and this year, he is speaking as the dominant GOP primary candidate and the prospective Republican presidential nominee. He is currently sitting in a victorious position in the polls and his 4-0 victory record in the primary election races that have been completed so far.

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