Trump cruises to landslide victories in Nevada and Virgin Islands caucuses

Photo: Courtesy of the Trump Campaign

President Donald J. Trump sailed to a landslide win in the Nevada GOP caucus on Thursday evening, sweeping the floor in the Silver State, taking the state’s delegates, and setting his sights on the next primary election South Carolina.

The New York Times called the race for Trump with a jaw-dropping 97.6 percent of the vote with just one percent of precincts reporting. Decision Desk also called it with 99.1 percent of the vote, with one percent of precincts reporting.

Headed into Thursday’s caucus, Nevada preceded the election with a primary election in which no delegates were awarded.

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley lost the primary as the only running candidate on the ballot, bested by “None of these candidates” by a whopping 33-point margin.

The president chose to be on the caucus ballot rather than the primary ballot because delegates can only be earned by competing in the caucus.

In Thursday’s caucus, Trump was on the ballot as the only notable candidate and took a historic percent of the vote.

Trump’s landslide victory in Nevada precedes the upcoming South Carolina GOP primary, where he will likely win by large margins against Haley, who also served as the state’s Republican governor from 2010 to 2017.

He also won the available delegates from the Virgin Islands’ GOP caucus on Thursday night, per data from Decision Desk and Interactive Polls.

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