Trump eviscerates rising ‘BIDEN MIGRANT CRIME’ amid southern border crisis

President Trump railed against the horrific open border policies of Joe Biden, which have driven migrant-related crime through the roof and prompted Trump to coin a new term: “BIDEN MIGRANT CRIME.”

The president’s remarks were delivered in Waterford Township, Michigan, on Saturday night at a “Get Out the Vote Rally.”

Addressing the deluge of illegal immigration in America has become a cornerstone of the president’s 2024 presidential reelection campaign, and he has recently begun to discuss the rising crime related to illegal immigrants flooding into America, unvetted.

The president explained onstage, “We have a new category of crime in our country: it’s called migrant crime, and it’s taking over America.”

He continued, “They have gangs that make our gangs look like small potatoes.”

Trump labeled the crime upswing “BIDEN MIGRANT CRIME,” and joked that it was also called “BI-GRANT” crime.

He also reminded the crowd that he would implement the largest deportation operation in American history upon his possible return to the Oval Office, stating, “We’re going to start with the REAL bad ones first.”

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