Trump goes after coveted Teamsters union endorsement

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President Donald Trump is courting the endorsement of Teamsters, one of the biggest unions in the country, amid his 2024 presidential reelection bid.

On Truth Social, the president wrote, “Such an interesting meeting with the Teamsters. They should go with Trump, rather than a guy who can’t put two sentences together, or find the stairs from a stage. I will stop Illegal Immigration, which will Save the Teamsters. Biden will only make it worse!”

This echoed similar statements that he made in North Charleston, South Carolina, at a “Get Out the Vote Rally.” He told a crowd of supporters that one of the biggest “victim groups” of illegal immigration would be the unions. “They’re not going to be able to compete when these people [who] are coming in,” he said.

On January 31, the president flew to Washington, D.C., and had a detailed meeting with Teamsters leadership. He held a press conference afterward and told the media, “…We had a very, very productive meeting, I think.”

According to Reuters, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is 1.3 million members strong, and earning their endorsement could potentially strike a big blow to Joe Biden.

With Trump as the prospective GOP presidential nominee, he is poised to go head-to-head with Biden yet again. Trump’s January meeting with the Teamsters came just after the United Auto Workers union’s leadership endorsed Biden, drawing criticism from the president.

Trump remarked, “He [Biden] is a real ‘STIFF’ who is selling the Automobile Industry right into the big, powerful, hands of China. 55% of the industry has already left the U.S., and the rest will soon be following if I am not elected President.”

As far as the Teamsters, Trump explained in January that he had “dealt with unions my whole life – I have a great relationship with unions.” He called the discussion with Teamsters leadership “great” but time will tell if the union will make the move to endorse Trump’s America First policies or Joe Biden’s beleaguered economic record.

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