Trump is planning ‘really BIG’ rallies in THIS major state

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President Donald Trump is planning to hit the campaign trail hard in February ahead of an integral battleground state’s upcoming primary election, which will likely deal the final death blow to former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s fading 2024 presidential campaign.

The president revealed on Truth Social that he was planning some “BIG” rallies in the great state of South Carolina amidst his impressive lead in the state’s primary, which is scheduled to take place on Feb. 24.

The president explained, “We had giant crowds in Iowa and New Hampshire, but because of the cold weather and smaller venues, except for the Ice Hockey Arena in N.H., which was packed, a large scale TRUMP RALLY was not in the cards.”

He continued, “But in South Carolina, we are planning some really BIG ones. Get ready South Carolina, we’re going to have some fun!!!”

President Trump is the dominant Republican candidate in South Carolina. According to a recent poll from Fabrizio, Lee & Associates, he has a 40-point lead over the state’s former governor, signaling bad news for Haley in her own backyard.

The whopping lead comes on the heels of Trump’s big wins in Iowa and New Hampshire, where he won both states by record-setting margins. In fact, President Trump was the first Republican candidate to win both Iowa and New Hampshire as a non-incumbent in 48 years in 1976.

Nationwide, Trump has taken a staggering 63-point lead over Haley among GOP primary voters, according to the most recent data from Morning Consult. Their poll revealed that Trump held 81 percent of support against Haley’s 18 percent.

At this point, Haley is the only somewhat viable candidate challenging him for the Republican Party’s nomination in 2024. Per Polymarket’s odds, Trump has a 16-point advantage over Joe Biden to win the general election in November.

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