Trump makes it clear that Nikki Haley ‘will NEVER be running for vice president’

President Donald Trump emphatically explained Wednesday evening that former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley would not run on the vice-presidential ticket in 2024.

Haley is the only GOP candidate who remains to attempt to challenge President Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, and based on the most recent polling, she is set to get completely creamed by Trump in next week’s South Carolina GOP primary.

The president criticized Haley on Wednesday night at a “Get Out the Vote Rally” in North Charleston, South Carolina, stating that she had “the biggest Democrat donors giving her money,” and reiterating his infamous nickname for her: “Birdbrain.”

He added, “And by the way, when I make a statement like that about Nikki, it means she will NEVER be running for vice president….remember that.”

Trump emphasized, “I hope nobody wants her because I think she’s absolutely terrible. So you’re NEVER going to have her.”

President Trump focused heavily on attacking his Democrat opponent, Joe Biden, on Wednesday as well, now that the 2024 election race is clearly already hurtling toward the general election with Haley’s White House aspirations nearly dead on arrival upon next week’s primary in her home state.

Trump stated that upon his prospective 2025 administration, “We’re going to turn it around FAST.”

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