Trump nets over 100 faith leader endorsements

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President Donald Trump has been a famous defender of religious liberty in America, and this week, his campaign announced that he had earned the endorsement of more than 100 faith leaders in the Palmetto State ahead of the fast-approaching GOP primary next Saturday.

According to his campaign, the massive list included pastors, worship leaders, small group leaders, ministry leaders, and church elders from multiple South Carolina counties.

“This remarkable achievement reflects President Trump’s unrivaled support from Palmetto State voters who overwhelmingly support his campaign to defeat Joe Biden and restore our nation in November,” the statement read.

In South Carolina, President Trump is poised to trounce the state’s former Republican governor, Nikki Haley, who is the last remaining GOP presidential candidate to challenge the president for the party’s nomination in 2024.

According to the most recent data from Morning Consult, Trump is leading Haley by 37 points in her home state, where the GOP primary election is scheduled to take place on February 24.

The president’s campaign further stated that he had consistently worked to defend Judeo-Christian values.

Per the campaign:

“President Trump’s long record of accomplishments has generated substantial confidence from voters of faith in South Carolina. From defending Judeo-Christian culture to finally overturning Roe v. Wade, President Trump has always kept his promises to America’s faith community.”

President Donald Trump has been racking up faith leader endorsements across the country, and before the Iowa caucuses, he brought in endorsements from faith leaders in every county in the Hawkeye State – an impressive total of 99 counties.

Before capping off the end of the year in 2023, President Trump delivered a moving speech in Waterloo, Iowa, as well, where he stated that Jesus Christ was “the true source of joy” for the holiday season. He also promised to “end the war on Christians” that has been propagated by the Biden administration.

Trump said, “Under Crooked Joe Biden, Christians and Americans of faith are being persecuted and government is being weaponized against religion like never before.”

Per the president’s campaign, South Carolina Pastor Brad Atkins (Spartanburg County) shared his confidence that Trump would go to the mat on behalf of churches and people of faith in America.

He shared, “President Trump is the only candidate with a proven record of fighting for our religious freedoms. He is gifted with the abilities to once again strengthen the American economy while protecting the security and freedom of American families.” 

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