Trump’s Republican Party

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The Supreme Court is set to play a pivotal role in the 2024 presidential election, as it weighs former President Donald Trump’s appeal to appear on Colorado’s Republican presidential-primary ballot. Trump is also expected to ask the Supreme Court as early as next week to overturn a federal appeals court’s rejection of his immunity claims.

Meanwhile, Trump’s influence on the Republican Party was on display this week on Capitol Hill. The House GOP failed to win key votes, and Senate Republicans blocked a bipartisan border-security package that they themselves had demanded from Democrats.

Joining the editor in chief of The Atlantic and moderator, Jeffrey Goldberg, this week to discuss this and more are James Bennet, a senior editor at The Economist; John Dickerson, the chief political analyst at CBS News and anchor of CBS News Prime Time With John Dickerson; Josh Gerstein, a senior legal-affairs reporter for Politico; and Amna Nawaz, a co-anchor of PBS NewsHour.

Watch the full episode and read the transcript here.

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