Tucker asks Argentina president advice he’d give to Trump

Javier Milei, Argentina’s newly elected president, is making headlines everywhere. He’s anti-establishment, he’s anti-woke, and he’s absolutely fearless when it comes to speaking his mind.

Dave Rubin explains how Milei is a breath of fresh air, considering Argentina has seen “massive government growth, complete devaluation of their currency … creeping socialism for a long time, [and] craziness with gender stuff and all of the woke stuff.”

Luckily, Milei “has come in to absolutely obliterate it.”

In a recent interview, Tucker Carlson asked the Argentine if he had advice for Donald Trump, who many hope will do the same thing for the United States.

“Donald Trump is running for president again in the United States, as you know,” said Tucker. “What advice would you give him?”

“He should continue his fight against socialism because he is one of the few who truly understood that we are fighting socialism, that we are fighting the statists. He understood perfectly that the generation of wealth comes from the private sector. The state does not create wealth; the state destroys it. The state can give you nothing because it produces nothing, and when it attempts it, it does so poorly,” Milei answered.

“So I’d say, if I could humbly offer advice, all I could say would be to double down on his efforts in the same direction: defending the ideals of freedom and refusing to give an inch to the socialists.”

*Insert applause*

“Argentina, after 20 years of this nonsense, is pushing back,” says Dave. “Donald Trump was pushing back; there are pockets — places like Florida — that are pushing back. You should be pushing back, and might I suggest that we all go a bit more on offense?”

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