Who Is Lara Trump? Donald Trump’s Daughter-in-Law Is New RNC Chair

  • Lara Trump, a former TV news producer married to Eric Trump, is the new cochair of the RNC.
  • She’s been heavily involved in Donald Trump’s presidential campaigns through the years.
  • She supports dog rescue charities, hosts a podcast, and is a regular on Fox News.

Lara Trump, who is married to Donald Trump’s son Eric, has been a loyal supporter of her father-in-law’s political career since his first campaign in 2016.

Leveraging her background in TV news, she has produced promotional videos, represented the campaign at events, and become a regular face on Fox News.

Now, with Donald Trump’s support, Lara Trump is gaining even more power in the GOP as the new cochair of the Republican National Committee.

She runs the RNC alongside its chair, Michael Whatley, a close Trump ally who served as North Carolina’s GOP chair. The move puts Trump loyalists in control of the GOP’s platform and funds.

Here’s a look at Trump’s background, relationship with the Trump family, and rise to power.

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