Why every American mom should back Trump (even if you don’t like him)

Mothers across America, regardless of political ideology, all have one thing in common: We love our children. I have five boys, and like most mothers, I want the best for each of them. You feel the same way about your own children. And that is precisely why you should vote for Donald Trump this November even if you don’t like him.

Let’s be real for a moment.

As mothers, it just might be time to get over any beef we have with Trump and do what’s best for the future of our families.

Under Trump, there were no new wars. This is a big deal. He was the first president in modern history who didn’t start a new war and had plans to conclude the ongoing wars and ease the political chaos that is now escalating around the globe.

No mother ever wants to send her kids off to war. It’s a terrifying thought. Trump would do more to restore peace than any other president we could choose at this time, just as he did when he was leader of the free world. During Joe Biden’s tenure, we’ve seen the horrors of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and, most recently, the Israeli-Gaza war.

Biden has made a mockery of the United States in global affairs. We aren’t respected on the world stage. Nations no longer fear us. Rather, they ignore us or work against us, all while wringing us dry of our hard-earned money. Our children will be the ones to reap the consequences of Biden’s lack of leadership and concern for their safety and well-being.

As mothers, we must support Trump if we are truly willing to do anything to keep our children from being sent to the front lines of a war that would have been unnecessary and avoidable if we’d had better leadership.

Under Trump, the wall was being built and the border was vastly more secure than it is today. Trump cracked down on the drugs, sex trafficking, and all sorts of criminal activity pouring into our country. America is more dangerous today than it was four years ago.

Our kids would be safer under Trump. I can’t imagine being the parent of Laken Riley, the nursing student who was killed in February by an illegal alien in Georgia. Can you even contemplate how those parents must feel? Especially when their daughter’s murder could have been so easily prevented. That thought alone is unbearable.

Sadly, Riley’s death could have been avoided entirely if Biden were more concerned about Americans’ safety than he is about the rights of people in the country illegally. He’s welcomed over 7 million illegal aliens into our country — at a minimum. And these aren’t just sweet young families looking for a better life. Among these are high numbers of drug peddlers, sex traffickers, criminals, and possible foreign military operatives.

Trump will put a stop to this insanity and take immediate action on day one in the White House. Our kids will undoubtedly be safer if he’s commander in chief.

Under Trump we had a healthy, thriving economy. Biden touts “Bidenomics,” but he’s not fooling anyone. Under Biden, a sharp spike in inflation has led to soaring food and energy costs. Everyone feels the pain at the grocery store, especially young families.

Housing is increasingly unaffordable, too. Interest rates have tripled under this president, and the average monthly mortgage payment under Trump was $1,746 compared to today at $3,322. Because basic needs like food, clothes, and shelter have become unbearably expensive for many, foreclosures are trending upward, and young adults simply cannot afford to buy a starter home.

If Biden continues as president, we know it will only get worse. Our kids will bear the brunt of his disastrous leadership.

Our children’s futures would be significantly better if Trump takes office this November. So as mothers, it just might be time to get over any beef we have with Trump and do what’s best for the future of our families. Trump is the only option on the ballot to begin to restore the peace we all so badly want, to re-establish America as a respected leader on the world stage, and to enforce law and order in our nation.

If we’re willing to do what it takes, the most important aspects of our lives improve — our children will be safer, will enjoy greater opportunity, and tomorrow will look far better for them than today.

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